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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The second rated man

Now a days, u can find another gender in the world.

Well, actually a transformed one, called second rated man. Its a varient of woman.
Except physical anatomy, it has got eveything is similar to man. It wears clothes as man wears. It act in a manner similar to man. It even thinks and behaves in manner that even the man may doubt about his manliness. Riding bikes, punching others, smoking, drinking, sports, hooting, hooliganism, and what never, never lags behind.

And yes, of course it lacks all the feminine attributes and powers.

Today, women have lost themselves. They copy everything which man has got. They want to come at par with men..Stupid, they are!
Never realize themselves, their own power.

Modern woman is more sort of a copy cat, a second rated man, than a mere woman. Female gender has forgotten their basics of kindness, soberness, motherly powers, shyness, tenderness and so many other things! Now u can find a second rated man who can directly look into the man's eye, doing what man used to do to woman......Staring deep inside the soul, mind n body and acknowledging the weakness which lies in the opposition.

If this is what, women says, is the revolution to bring worth the powers in woman, then they are doing the serious mistake. In this rat-race they are losing their own identity. They are becomingan alterego of men.

I'm not against a working woman but, in doing so does she realize that she might have lost her identity? Is she now more irritaing?

Instead of those tenderness and shyness in the character, she has become outrageously vulgar, indecent, and less tolerant. Yes, she is getting the fame, the money, the freedom but this is what is obvious. What is not obvious and is requireed to ponder is that at what cost she is getting all these things.

Mother nature has given each gender the specified tasks to complete in the life. and hence each gender is given those unseen, undiscovered n incomprehensible powers to accomplish that successfully. Eg, Females are more emotional, tolerant, kind-hearted..they are the creator of lifes. Males are protectors of lifes hence powerful, strategist, etc. If we try to reverse their work, unknown changes is bound to happen. Its just that we realize the aftermaths only after it happens.

The only way out is, women need to understand their inborn powers and need to harness it and restrain this stupid competition of becoming a perfect second rated man.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Conferencia de los perros

Yes, It means conference of the dogs. My urge to write on it is carved by my street dogs. Well, for your knowledge, currently bangalore is famous for three things:-
1. Software professionals
2. Girls and
3. Dogs.

Recently I've recieved a mail which states that on an average of 12 people are bitten by stray dogs per MINUTE somewhere in Bangalore!! Now thats seriously an interesting statement.

In the midnight, around 12-12.30 am, on our street hundreds, no no, thousands of dogs get assemble and start howling like tomorrow will never come...! Its only the God's grace that he made us so much adaptable to nature. Now my ears are accustomed to listen these cacophonies regularly. But everyone is not so lucky. Last night, one of my fren called me up. Well, actually she intercepted in the mandatory dog conference. As much to Nokia's fame, that the powerful microphone captured the outside conference and subdued my voice as NOISE, much to our dismay!!

Now Can u imagine this, I've to put blanket on myself, to cover my whole face inside it so that my voice can be reconized as the True signal, not as the noise!! haaaaaa... and, now those dog catchers, whenever come(thou i've not seen them ever but my fren said that sometimes they come), they capture a weak dog, or should i say a puppy, who cant even bark properly.

On the top of it, in the morning, when u go office, just watch out where u step on else ur whole day is going to ruin!!

Wondering, when this dog-o-mania will cease.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

When u ignore me

See, this is what happens when u ignore me....

For a friend..

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

BakrEID --> Blessing of Allah only on humans??

Yes, they were three adultsfor "Two Adults and three kids".

Since last four days, my house owner has tied up three goats, he-goats(i know this for obvious reasons), outside the main entrance of three storey building where "we" and "they" stay. He has three kids. Now i'm here in office, there fate must have been decided by this time. Allah's curse on those three must have fallen by this time, and the gracious benevolent blessings on those five humans.

People eat meat is OK but if they waste it, then its not OK.
My anger aroused when I've received this mail

Wishing you all a HAPPPY EID
Allah has blessed us with another Bakrid - Eid Mubarak

But those goats were not blessed enough to see the current Bakrid even. Well, i doubt if i'm able to make u understand the concept without intending any humor in it, but still i want to emphasis that i m finding it pretty weird to have three goats just for two persons n 3 kids..!!

Now, i'm not the proponent of being vegetarian only, neither i'm against any religion but i'm against unnecessary killing of animals on huge basis, just for the sake of subjective thing like religious beliefs. yuck!!

Lions kill goats for the sake of eating, they kill because they cant survive if they dont get meat but this doesnt stand for humans. We can avoid taking meats or killing animals, we shouldnt do this mercyless killings just for the sake of fun. Animal killings like this is equivalent to militancy against animals. Kill them, if u can eat them whole and cant survive if u cant have it, otherwise its really pointless to kill sooo many animals.

Well, what ever may be, i just pray to allah that in my next incarnation, if i cant be human, and being animal is necessary, then dont make me goat, atleast not He-Goat. (@_@) Well to contradict the above argument, currently i m a capricorn ..oooooooooo Now, dont feel that since i'm "he-goat" thats why i'm feeling so much for those He-goats, infact today is rather an auspicious date for me (as my fren said) since its the day when i was born as Capricorn (he-Goat, what a coincidence) !!

weird world!! (@_@)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Just for knowledge (old news thou') ... Now the Bang-A-Lore is going traditional by becoming old lil' Bengaluru, if its not possible by growth then by name only... Bengaluru

About my views..I dont understand whats the need for it. Just for the cause of having some story attached to city, or to provide a local accent to the city name, renaming it is definitly a stupidity, considering the fact that Bangalore is now a global name and so easy to pronounce. Its a kind of attaching a local langauage accent to the name just for sake of ego satisfaction. If it keeps on going like this then the only thing now left would be to rename Delhi to Dilli or Indranagri.