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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Unlucky in life.. read it

You hear someone saying...
Oh, I didn't get something because I was unlucky.
I couldn't rise because I had no opportunity; that the bad stars lingered on me for very long.
I tried but I failed; I tried again, I failed and I quit.. I just moved on to something else worth pursing.

Well come on, quitters are not winners and winners never quit.

There is no luck; there is no coincidence; everything that you need in life, is at your feet, at your will. All you need to do is to remember and remind yourself, again and again, that nothing is impossible.

You want something you won't have it, unless you go after it. Pursue it and you will get it... and it will be a reward, you would cherish for a life time.

But then how do I pursue it, I don't know how to get after it...
It's simple. You step forward, you move. If you don't move, you are at the same place. You will not get it. So, just "Move", do something in that direction and you will get it; and you will know how to pursue it. You will get the path, and the light on path, and the rewards on that path and the ultimate life-cherished destination of that path.

And when you think you are in fix, you don't know direction, you don't know your path, just ask for help, for direction, from your loved ones, friends, known, stranger, self. But you ask. When you ask/introspect, there is mathematical 50% chance that you will get what your heart, mind and soul is seeking. But if you don't ask, the answers to your question always ends in no, and nothing and it is mathematical too, just being rational (*_^).

Great students always have great teachers; sometimes teacher is a person who guides you, other times it is a circumstance which wakes up your inner guide.

The decisions which you make in your life determines your life, and not the luck in your life... and yes, you are not alone in your decision making. You can always ask for direction, then, you can always move, and you can always go after what you need.

Now, good luck to follow that advice (^_^)


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