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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Unlucky in life.. read it

You hear someone saying...
Oh, I didn't get something because I was unlucky.
I couldn't rise because I had no opportunity; that the bad stars lingered on me for very long.
I tried but I failed; I tried again, I failed and I quit.. I just moved on to something else worth pursing.

Well come on, quitters are not winners and winners never quit.

There is no luck; there is no coincidence; everything that you need in life, is at your feet, at your will. All you need to do is to remember and remind yourself, again and again, that nothing is impossible.

You want something you won't have it, unless you go after it. Pursue it and you will get it... and it will be a reward, you would cherish for a life time.

But then how do I pursue it, I don't know how to get after it...
It's simple. You step forward, you move. If you don't move, you are at the same place. You will not get it. So, just "Move", do something in that direction and you will get it; and you will know how to pursue it. You will get the path, and the light on path, and the rewards on that path and the ultimate life-cherished destination of that path.

And when you think you are in fix, you don't know direction, you don't know your path, just ask for help, for direction, from your loved ones, friends, known, stranger, self. But you ask. When you ask/introspect, there is mathematical 50% chance that you will get what your heart, mind and soul is seeking. But if you don't ask, the answers to your question always ends in no, and nothing and it is mathematical too, just being rational (*_^).

Great students always have great teachers; sometimes teacher is a person who guides you, other times it is a circumstance which wakes up your inner guide.

The decisions which you make in your life determines your life, and not the luck in your life... and yes, you are not alone in your decision making. You can always ask for direction, then, you can always move, and you can always go after what you need.

Now, good luck to follow that advice (^_^)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bossing around

For all those who love their bosses.. Isn't there anything better to fall in love? I would suggest keeping a pet.

My technical lead, who has 6 yrs exp, sucks a big time. Kr is a chinki guy from Thailand and we communicate via emails only. Nows, thats a tough job to learn via emails with occasional conf. calls. Still, I manage it and do my best. I propose revolutionary changes in the code flow and ideology but he disposes all changes. There's a whole lot of diversion in our thinking and ideology. He just doesnt accept my changes because it doesn't matches with his own ideology... I provide him all stats and performance figures and all comments and logics still its like "Bhais ke aage been bajana".

I don't want to change the company in less than 6 months just because he doesn't know how to manage people or at least me and Our manager is even bigger *.*.*. than him. He wants to know everything in single breath and when I do it..he says "Pardon, could you repeat?" The S*B.

Anyway, till they pay me good and I'm learning new things, I'll be here..and when either of these ends, I'll let them boss around among themselves. Some people just don't bother to listen.

I just wrote it to vent out my anger and update my blog too. Nothing to learn here for you, I guess.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Name Calling -- The Abuse

First of all let me be clear what I mean by 'Abuse' here. I only mean "gaali dena"/ "Name-calling". now since subject line is clear, lets come to its body.

Ever wonder what is so special about abuse? hmm.. ask a girl's opinion about it and she would say "ohh god! it shows poor upbringing of the abuser." And ask a guy, he would be either indifferent or would show respect to abuse.

There is always two sides of a coin. One which we can see, which is upfront and other which we can not see..which we can only take for sure, that it exists and obviously, it is not viewable. Same case stands for abuse too. Its easy to say that calling names shows your poor mentality but it is tough to accept that it requires lots of creativity too.

Name-calling expels your anger, shows your love, shun your hypocrisies and gives you power. Momentarily but definitely. Name-Calling helps in conveying your lengthy frustration in a single word; What else could do this so effectively!

Sexual-name-calling is as efficient in breaking relations as in bonding them; And here creativity matters most. The more creative it is, the more you would laugh.. the abuser as well as the one who got abused.

So people shun away that bad tag regarding Name-calling. Its not bad, its just one way you think about it.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm Back

I'm Back in Blogging world..

Sorry for this long break. I'll get in touch with all my previous blog friends soon..

A lot of things happened in between.. I left bangalore and now I'm in North India. and many other things. Lets talk more in new posts about them.

As for now..
My view on Shilpa Shetty fiasco..
Poor Girl, didnt know that Gere would kiss her right there on stage.. no fault of her, but now she shouldn't give explanations to people.

Sometimes silence is the best answer, and this is time when she need to follow it.


Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy Friendship Day

Happy Friendship Day to all my blog friends and the readers.. and the known strangers among the crowd.

I did nothing special on that day, except that i called up my best of the friends, send some few sms, received even fewer, and in the evening went for a walk in the Mall "Forum" with two friends! One of the crowdest fish market in bangalore.

We saw stupid people with weird dressing sense, drank the free "Bru" cup, looked at the item numbers, did window shopping and thats it..

What a pathetic way to celebrate the friendship day when you are far away from your place..there are no friends in this eeky corporate sector.

Well, thats it .. nothing special. Wish you all happy friendship week...


Thursday, July 20, 2006

The PenPal (Part - 1)

hmmm.. so today i got the time to write about PenPals which i wanted to write for a long time. Anyways, My current absence is attributed to a new website called Mouthshut. It is a website where you can read and write reviews about products. You can see my profile and my first review there.

Well coming to the topic. I had many pen pals in my life, and from different countries as well. Most prominent of them are Nigarish (girl) from Pakistan and Lan Wah (girl) from Vietnam. Of course, I met them via yahoo messenger only. Others were from China (Bellisiyun, girl), Nigeria (Olandebo, male), India (many infact, abhi, purvee, sneha, etc) and then there were friends from the Orkut community also. Well, it all starts with the usual Chat scenario of ASL and so on.. or on orkut with scrap book and then messages and then emails :D

Nigarish was very close to my heart. I met her on Orkut.. and probably she’s still there..with the same unique name of her.. in orkut. We are of same age and we just clicked together. We shared lots of information between us and became the Best penpals. She said that she was on Orkut just because of me..and I told the same thing to her, which was as pious and true as our friendship. As you may agree that Orkut is useless community, thou I do appreciate it for helping me in switching the job with the help of a penpal (Biswa) :D but then scraping is not the best method of communication. So we switched to emails. And believe me, we used to share almost, 3 mails per day from either side. We used to discuss our day today life and many other things. And used to say that our friendship across the border will last forever.

But as you know, forever is a very long time. It stood hardly for 2 year. I don’t know what happened. Its only wild guessing, right from her getting at marriageable age to the guilt of not showing me her picture (thou’ I never insisted on it) to many others. But I cant be certain of one thing. I mailed her to know about her well-being but she never responded back. I still miss her. And losing a very good pen pal, definitely broke my heart.

But, Now, I don’t mail her anymore and my views about Pakistan and Muslims are changed. And I don’t think, I can ever make any Pakistani my friend.. thou’ there was the time when I used to dream of a country “united India” with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri-lanka and Bhutan.

Next is on Lan-wah with whom I’m still in contact and we regularly talk via yahoo msg. Well, We will talk more on it in my next post..

Till then,


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Update karo Yaar

I knew one day, it will happen like "this" only. No updates and i'll be a lost soul in blog world.
Well, i wont lie, i was busy in playing "
Chess at work" (^_^) and moreover, I had nothing to scribble on.

Following are my views on some past controversies...

Sabarimala case:- Ok damn people. Either you follow the believed custom or leave. Why to hankypanky? Why to groan at hinduism short comings? Dont you look outside hinduism? Brutalities against women in islam and christianity? Please have a look there too. Hinduism has been most liberal religion in whole world and if some people have problem in following certain customs for some specific deity, they are welocme to opt some other diety. why to even bother?
There are 33 crore gods in hinduism and hence there are 33 crore alternatives to opt for. So go ahead and choose any one.

Brazil's Lose: -
They got what they deserve. Poor performance hence out. France is my favorite. They played exceptionally well... they do deserve the cup.

Krrish: - Its such a dumb stupid movie that i seriously cant describe its folly. Dont go and waste your money. Its a poor picturization of "Super commando Dhru" comics. Better you get one of those comics.

Well, thats it for today. I'll soon come up with something good and innovative and which is worth to write.