The Memorial

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Reservation and Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi, You Upper caste moron, how dare you to enter the reserved coach !!


Monday, May 22, 2006

Special BirthDay Wishes

I wish all the gemini's born on "21/22 May" a very happy and delightful birthday.
May God give you lots of happiness, peace, success and love in life.

Well, I've posted this snippet of wishes because most of my friends(err....ok, friends who are girls mostly...but of course, boys too) are gemini or taurus and incidently, their birthdays fall on either 21 or 22 may!!

I dont know but i just go well with them..or may be its just a coincidence or my mind has adapted to this feeling. Whatever it may be, they are do special to me...since i can spot them in the crowd.....any unknowns whose birthdays falls between special gemini and marvellous taurus!! It is really a kind of surprise in my life and it is worth to mention it here.

Well, on the other hand... "surprisingly again", in astrological way, capricorns(the determined brats) never stand geminis (the diplomat charmers) !!

World is a place of contradictions.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The RDB effect

For past few days, i pondered on the issue of reservation, on Dr. Ambedkar, current crisis and lot many things.

Its all Human nature.. greed can never be satisfied. Be it politicans or people.

And yes, movies do have effects on people's way of thinking... then be it sadistic love-story, bank robbery, prongraphic effects, or Rang de basanti.

Above are some cool pics of RDB effect. These are supposedly "Future doctors" who are going to save thess policemen's lifes.


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Nose - Drive

Both Nose-poking and Poking "Nose" are disgusting and interesting.

There was this guy, sitting next to me in the BMTC bus and poking his nose as if the divine, itself, lies within it. He was doing it, continously, for almost 5 mins!!

It was so disgusting. And meanwhile i was praying to god...
"Dear God, Please give him the nose of buffalo, so that he can use his whole hand instead that unfortunate index finger and finish it in one go for once and all."

That was the real disgusting.

Meanwhile, we look into this episode, narrated to me by my uncle. You may not disagree about its(nose-picking) being pretty interesting. Well, It just came in my mind while i was sitting with that buffalo-nosed man, nosedived in some thoughts.

>--- START ---<

There were two friends waiting for the bus, impatiently. It is damn boring thing, i can assure u this. But it seemed to one guy that the other is quite not upset, even with the delay of bus.

Inquisitive minds drive us. So He asked..

B(bored): "Hey, are'nt you bored?"
E(energized): "Not much"
B: "And may i know why?"
E: "Aaa.. well, keep on doing like this.You will feel immense pleasure"

(E was excitedly rubbing his fingers, Index finger with the thumb. B saw it. He was already bored to death and then "marta kya nahi karta" So he started rubbing his fingers. After a min or so, B really got impatient and asked E)

B: "What the hell. I'm not getting any pleasure"
E: "hmmm.. show me you fingers!"

(B shows his empty hands)

E: "i knew it..where is the ball? "

>---- THE END ---<

I hope u understood? Well, it took me a minute to understand what my uncle was telling. B was squeezing "the pleasure" out of that "nose-dirt"!

And, then, I smiled, glancing out of the bus window!