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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

'Typecast' of 'Caste Type'

....into the reservation.

Well, there's nothing new in this to discuss. But we can assume that if Indian politics remains the way it is, we are heading to nowhere. Since there's already lots of boos and cry about reservation, their nothing left, exclusively, to comment on it. Indeed, lots of people are lurking around "some govt. officials" to get those "Other Better Classes" certificates here which was nicely pointed by IE(Indian Express) few days back. "Super classes" are on the high and the "General" category is feeling like they are being pushed to hell.

We can/may support/argue about reservation in primary education but reservations in Proffesional education and in corporate sector is very unwise step towards the economical growth of the country. Apart from that, the total motive of eradication of caste-ism from hindu society is hampered and the mental state of other castes (and may be other religions too, if its specific to hinduism) are also disturbed.

How come these damn politicans think that their dual nature of supporting intercaste relations and reservation on caste basis go side by side. If this is the thing, congress has to bring up to catch "that class" voters, then its a cheap politics. Some way or other, these are the things which gives politics bad name. May be, we can say "Politics" reputation is marred by the diplomacy and hypocracy of the current batch of politicans. The PMs decision to go along with the Arjun Singh's proposal nullifies his long list of educational degrees. Thou' i never liked congress for its nepotism but now i'm starting to dislike it further for its poor politics.

I, myself, found rarest of the stance in which a reserved class candidate excelled in his/her field which was based on reservation instead of merit. And by no means the facts will deviate in the corporate sector.

Probably, Politicians want a real life Rang De Basanti by the best scholars from the IITs/IIMs.


Sunday, April 16, 2006



On the way to heaven, Rajkumar is kidnapped by Veerapan to hell...

haha.. This is the sms in rounds in bangalore!! Now u bloody sick fans of him, why dont u go on rampaging to hell!!

This is all for those bloody *ss of vandals who think doing a non-terrorist violence in bangalore has given them and their bloody hero a path to glory.

I just hate such people who dont have anything to do and then, they come out on streets like robbers to do their f*cking job of vandalism.

U people think that i going too far in abusing them! No, i'm not.

They have burnt 100 vehicles, including 3 public buses and dozens of police vehicles. Because of that their "sick, senile, cardiac-arrested moron", many people were forced to take fast on thursday. All Shops were closed on thursday, forcefully!! and then, the cowardly newspapers say "Blore kept shut down willingly, as a mark of respect for Rajkumar" on the front page. (and in the middle somewhere they talk about all the hooliganism).

Sick, these people are sick. That is the only term i've for them. For god sake, dont u people realize that the average life span of indian male is 64 years and he lived more than a dozen years from it. He was a cardiac patient, 78 yrs old, senile old man. He was doomed to die. And Bangalore ramapage was unnecessary outburst of mentally challenged people. And if someone raise against them, they cry save kannada, save kannada!! And readers, plz remember, that, this is not the first time it is happening. Unvariably their targets are usually outsiders (non-kannada speakers) which comprise of almost 60% of sane people here.

It is now for sure that no sane person would like to come here, among these sick people, willingly. And no outsider, willingly wants to stay here, given a chance. Well done localites, u kannada people, u have done marvellous job of terrorizing the outsiders. You very well know how to treat ur guests..!!

This act of violence in bangalore showed the failure of police (law and order), the low morales of local people and the helplessness of the outsiders and the sane persons.