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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

'Typecast' of 'Caste Type'

....into the reservation.

Well, there's nothing new in this to discuss. But we can assume that if Indian politics remains the way it is, we are heading to nowhere. Since there's already lots of boos and cry about reservation, their nothing left, exclusively, to comment on it. Indeed, lots of people are lurking around "some govt. officials" to get those "Other Better Classes" certificates here which was nicely pointed by IE(Indian Express) few days back. "Super classes" are on the high and the "General" category is feeling like they are being pushed to hell.

We can/may support/argue about reservation in primary education but reservations in Proffesional education and in corporate sector is very unwise step towards the economical growth of the country. Apart from that, the total motive of eradication of caste-ism from hindu society is hampered and the mental state of other castes (and may be other religions too, if its specific to hinduism) are also disturbed.

How come these damn politicans think that their dual nature of supporting intercaste relations and reservation on caste basis go side by side. If this is the thing, congress has to bring up to catch "that class" voters, then its a cheap politics. Some way or other, these are the things which gives politics bad name. May be, we can say "Politics" reputation is marred by the diplomacy and hypocracy of the current batch of politicans. The PMs decision to go along with the Arjun Singh's proposal nullifies his long list of educational degrees. Thou' i never liked congress for its nepotism but now i'm starting to dislike it further for its poor politics.

I, myself, found rarest of the stance in which a reserved class candidate excelled in his/her field which was based on reservation instead of merit. And by no means the facts will deviate in the corporate sector.

Probably, Politicians want a real life Rang De Basanti by the best scholars from the IITs/IIMs.



  • At 4/27/2006 11:09:00 PM, Blogger Anil The Great said…


    we should change the face of the country, we are the youth and we can just keep pointing fingers on others.

    there is some political party run by our own IITians , they had made a mission to provide the indian public with an alternative, a more logical one.
    Lets support them...

  • At 4/29/2006 10:23:00 AM, Blogger D said…

    Nishu Sir'....I partially agree with you. Reservation as a policy is not bad, but the implementation is totally wrong. We don't need reservation at IIT/IIM we need it at basic level, not only in form of seats or money but otherwise as well. I believe that this time the hype surround anti-reservation would not be of the level of, which we saw when Mandal was introduced. Lets c....personally I am against the implementation. It is plain politics with no sense of feelings for both the so called upper castes like U, me and others and the supposedly lower castes. Divide..i guess its there from centuries, it will only broaden as you said with these policies.

  • At 5/01/2006 09:25:00 AM, Anonymous Me.. said…

    have a lot to write on this..!! will soon.. a comment will never suffice the space here..!!

  • At 5/03/2006 07:16:00 AM, Blogger Prashanth CM said…

    The Politics is a twin-eduged knife, its like you can't 'live' without it and you can't 'live' with it, tough choice, indeed.

    Yes, personaly i dont agree with reservation in top preimer institutes and top level positions. Here only the merit and skill should be the basis.

    At the same time i empathize with the comments/sentiments by 'D' (hey! how come all your friends have single alphabet names!!!, just kidding). According to me the Economic background should be the criteria when alloting the seats along with merit. As people who do(did) not have(had) much infrastructure to study also can make big difference and contribute to the society. Is it not true that we have suppressed many talented and great people from contributing to the society?.

    At times people who were denied any education or other benefits of the society, should also get a due extra-chance to 'pick up'. ( read in the form on reservations in the grass root level). Its our society's (U & Me) responsibility to create opportunities to all, irrespective of cast, ethnic or religious backgrounds. But capitalizing on these go just create 'Vote Banks' should be condemmed in all forms, The 'RDB'-istyle is not the solution as we are the one who chose them to form the govt.

    Its important to educate people and conduct a healthy debates inorder to keep our democracy alive and kicking. We should make a habit maintaining accountability of such trivial issues, instead of filing a 'PIL' for petty issues like somebody's dress/dressing styles etc and many such (non)issues (Somebody can write a Blog on this, its really funny stuffs).

    Above are my personal view's/comments.

    Last but not the least ...A well written blog keep it up.


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