The Memorial

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Stare

Guys are not allowed to look at the girls for more than 5 seconds, otherwise it could be thought as rowdy, outrageous and lecherous. Have you ever thought, what is there in the stare?

Well, considering the x-ray aspect of male-eyes, it would definitely be a problem for any girl to be looked upon by a guy for more than 5 seconds. But is this true that all the staring eyes which look at the girls are only x-ray eyes..defining the curves if it is not already defined by their skin tight jeans and T-shirts? May be or may not be. It depends what is there in the guy's mind at the moment...and Please mind this is very subjective..Well, I think, I need not mention more.

Most of the times in your life you must have experienced this strange feeling of being looked upon by the people..sometimes with a feeling of love, sometimes with hatred, sometimes with a laugh at your folly and sometimes just with a sweet mischief. But let me tell you a thing, directly looking into the eyes is symbolic of "Kiss me on the lips" statement. A defined explicit love for the stared one by the starer..and usually stands for both male and female. Of course this statement doesnt hold, when this eye-to-eye-stare is between the same sex.

Definitely, Girls need to know that when a boy stares at a girl, it is necessarily not means that it is a lecherous eye. Some girls are beautiful and they can make the day of a person...just by their beautiful smile or by glittering eyes.(unless he considers it as signal for something else.)

The beauty is God's cursive handwriting. We must admire it. Lucky are those who got it.. but then they shouldnt ever be proud of it. I don’t like that proud who thinks that since a guy just admired her beauty, she's the best in the world and the guy is in love with her or whatever.'s a catch.. a girl goes again and again in front of the mirror to beautify herself..(for what, I ask?)..So that the by passers admire her beauty and they stare at her..And when they do, when they admire their god's gift.. what happens? In return the by passers get the opinion of "low-self-esteem" for themselves and a dirty frosty stare from them.....which distorts their magnificent beauty forever