The Memorial

Monday, February 27, 2006

Those were the days....

When i was really upset because of segregation from the "main stream group" of MALAYALEES and their step-behaviour towards me in my dept. Infact, i was the only north-indian guy there.

Anyways, that is over with the change of company but whenever i remember it, it still hurts. Today, when i talked to my old friend in that company, who was installed in place of me ("damn it! i dont have good vocab (@_@)") .... he is also facing the same problem of hatred and cunningness... Bechara, maara gaya..!!

And now he's planning to leave the company soon for the sake of his well-being (-_-)!

This post is dedicated to all those MALAYALEES and those kind of related regional groups which i found in my journey of life... (A modified fwd msg)

What do you call an amazing Malayalee? -Pheno Menon.
What do you call a dashing Malayalee? - Debo Nair.
What do you call a Malayalee drunkard? - Kutty Sark.

Why do they require 5 people for a Malayalee funeral?
Four to carry the coffin and one person to carry the two-in-one.

Whats the opposite of Gopalakrishnan?
What is the opposite of Subramnium Swamy ?
Subramanium Didn't See Me.

How do they start a road race in Tamil Nadu?

What do you call a really colourful Tamilian?
Rangamannar Rangarajan.
How does a Tamilian introduce the tennis superstar Lendl?
ivan Lendl (Ivan is 'he' in Tamil).
What is the Tamil name for the tallest building in Japan ?
Nikkumo Nikkado (Will it or wont it stand?)

An angry Bengali letter? -Chitti-chitti Bong Bong
A talkative Bengali? -Bulbul Chatterjee
An outlawed Bengali? -Kanoon Banerjee
An enlightened Bengali? -Jyoti Basu
A Bengali who works? -A work of fiction
A stupid Bengali girl? -Balika Buddhu

A Bengali marriage? -Bedding

A mad Bengali? -In Sen (insane)
A dark Bengali who lives in a cave? -Kalidas Guha
A Bengali mobster? -Robin Ganguli
A perfumed Bengali? -Chandan Dass
A Bengali goldsmith? -Shonar Bongla

What s bigger than the state of Bengal? -The Bay of Bengal
What's bigger than the Bay of Bengal? - The Bengali Ego

Why was the Bengali fired from being salesman at Raymond's retails store?
-Everytime someone asked him what the material was,
he replied "Terrybool".

When does a Bengali sound like a dog?
-When he says Bow (wow), Also when he bharks (works).


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Courage or Foolishness

Rang De Basanti !!

Kya Style hai Biddu!!
This is what every country's soldiers do and the Leaders never !! Well, Soldiers are expected to be tough. Infact, they are Mass hypnotized/motivated/misguided to become Martyrs by those who cant even think to stand for their cause, if they get into some trouble...!!

Wondering, whether it is the courage or the foolishness of the soldier!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The "Kachra Gaadi"

Before u think any thing, i must say that its a synonym for "The cunning BMTC bus", Bangalore Public Transport.

Today morning, the heavily crowded BMTC bus, "412" route no., was cripping to its left side with same elegance as many others and just like on the many other days. All people were cautious of mobile thieves, sweating , pushing each other, stomping others feet and so on ..

Suddenly, the driver diveted from the predefined route and "the bold n beautiful" came to an aburpt halt after covering half of the distance from the beginning. Conductor said, "Bus cant go ahead, it has got breakdown, plz get down here".

And lo... there was the distinguished frown on everyones face. Cursing their fate and and swearing at conductor, we got down, and a person remaked, " kachra gaadi hai". At that moment, I was just wondering that who made it "kuchra" and how !!

just along came the another BMTC bus, similar route "8", with the trademarked left-tilted hip, ppl just started running towards it and the dirty road almost kissed her "there". Anyways, with that last year's trauma of mobile theft, i was cautious and avoided going in that beauty.

10 mins passed, i kept on cursing my "bad Luck" , and then, by gods grace, my old beloved "412" got on its feet and started with same grace as it started from its source ....haaa, that was the cunningness of her(infact, of that driver and conductor). The "kachra gaadi" started moving. Well, i didnt take ticket again (^_*). and got the seat too...hmmm.. Thats how she saved her esteem from that dirty road.

Thou' there's nothing interesting in this post, but by this i want to highlight the pathetic conditions of BMTC buses, the braveheart travellers, those behan ke T@#$$ (DJ style) mobile theives and the "Saviours" conductors n drivers.

Not only roads but even the trasport is crumbling in bangalore. When will authorities listen to the public?