The Memorial

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bossing around

For all those who love their bosses.. Isn't there anything better to fall in love? I would suggest keeping a pet.

My technical lead, who has 6 yrs exp, sucks a big time. Kr is a chinki guy from Thailand and we communicate via emails only. Nows, thats a tough job to learn via emails with occasional conf. calls. Still, I manage it and do my best. I propose revolutionary changes in the code flow and ideology but he disposes all changes. There's a whole lot of diversion in our thinking and ideology. He just doesnt accept my changes because it doesn't matches with his own ideology... I provide him all stats and performance figures and all comments and logics still its like "Bhais ke aage been bajana".

I don't want to change the company in less than 6 months just because he doesn't know how to manage people or at least me and Our manager is even bigger *.*.*. than him. He wants to know everything in single breath and when I do it..he says "Pardon, could you repeat?" The S*B.

Anyway, till they pay me good and I'm learning new things, I'll be here..and when either of these ends, I'll let them boss around among themselves. Some people just don't bother to listen.

I just wrote it to vent out my anger and update my blog too. Nothing to learn here for you, I guess.