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Friday, April 20, 2007

Name Calling -- The Abuse

First of all let me be clear what I mean by 'Abuse' here. I only mean "gaali dena"/ "Name-calling". now since subject line is clear, lets come to its body.

Ever wonder what is so special about abuse? hmm.. ask a girl's opinion about it and she would say "ohh god! it shows poor upbringing of the abuser." And ask a guy, he would be either indifferent or would show respect to abuse.

There is always two sides of a coin. One which we can see, which is upfront and other which we can not see..which we can only take for sure, that it exists and obviously, it is not viewable. Same case stands for abuse too. Its easy to say that calling names shows your poor mentality but it is tough to accept that it requires lots of creativity too.

Name-calling expels your anger, shows your love, shun your hypocrisies and gives you power. Momentarily but definitely. Name-Calling helps in conveying your lengthy frustration in a single word; What else could do this so effectively!

Sexual-name-calling is as efficient in breaking relations as in bonding them; And here creativity matters most. The more creative it is, the more you would laugh.. the abuser as well as the one who got abused.

So people shun away that bad tag regarding Name-calling. Its not bad, its just one way you think about it.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm Back

I'm Back in Blogging world..

Sorry for this long break. I'll get in touch with all my previous blog friends soon..

A lot of things happened in between.. I left bangalore and now I'm in North India. and many other things. Lets talk more in new posts about them.

As for now..
My view on Shilpa Shetty fiasco..
Poor Girl, didnt know that Gere would kiss her right there on stage.. no fault of her, but now she shouldn't give explanations to people.

Sometimes silence is the best answer, and this is time when she need to follow it.